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Manufacturing off bullets


​We produce all of our bullet jackets in house. Starting with high quality gilding metal strips made to our demanding specifications. Maximum thickness variation for our match bullets is 0,02 mm or 0.000787 inch. Thickness variations in jackets has large influence on the accuracy of the bullets, and starting with good raw material is a must. In a double action cupping press disk are cut out from the strip and formed into a cup. The press in the video is making 9 mm Luger cups.


Cups are washed and dried before quality control samples are taken and measured. Cup batches that meet specifications are then released to the draw press.​


By deep drawing the cups are formed into jackets with the right diameter and wall thickness. Soap water is usually used as lubricant and cooling liquid​. Once more the jackets are washed and dried. 


Trimming to length with a rotating blade. The jacket is drawn to over length​ and the surplus material needs to be removed from the  jacket​. The tolerance of the length is only +- 0.05 mm or 0,002 inch.


Samples are once more measured for wall thickness variations in our CNC controlled coordinate measuring machine to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. For Match bullets we normally have a variation of 0.01 mm or 0,004 inch for the finished jacket. We are confident that quality is enhanced by using this proven step by step manufacturing process in combination with modern quality control equipment. It gives us a control over the finished product that is not possible in the continues​​ flow of a transfer press line.

Production of cores, assembly, polishing and then the final test: shooting!

Once more samples are taken from the production batch, now in form off bullets that are loaded and then of to the shooting range.

To meet the standard of a pistol match bullet a very common measuremnet is 10 rounds in 25 mm (approximatly 1 inch) at a distance of 25 meters fired from a test barrel.

We take pride in manfucturing match bullets that are not only meeting this requirement, but with a good marginal beating it. Our test groups are around 15 mm (measured center to center) with a good barrel. 


We test shot regularly at start up, during production, at tool changes and final acceptance tests. To make the test shooting quick and easy we normally use a machine rest. On one of the fixtures we can attach different types of pistol and SMG barrels to assure that we meet our high standards not only in a test barrel but actual barrels from different​ types of guns.