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                                                   träffbild 9 mm TC.jpg
                                                    9 mm Luger FMJ TC 123 grain MATCH
                                               10 rounds
                                               Distance: 30 meters
                                               Barrel: Sig-Sauer in machine rest​

Cases and bullets of very high quality produced in-house in a controlled process. 
The result is the quality promised, not only sometimes but over time. We call this continuous accuracy.

AmmoTech Sweden AB was established at the end of 2013. Thus the organization and the name are new. But we base our business on decades of solid experience of manufacturing in our industry. This competence with a complete set of equipment creates a very reliable supplier. 

We are not a high volume manufacturer. We want to be the company that makes a difference to the users of our products.

 Ammotech Sweden AB is based on the two founder's extensive knowledge on ammunition manufacturing and TPS (Toyota Production System). The purpose with the new company is to make a long term investment in growing business both in the Nordic countries and internationally with products of high quality.

We are in the startup phase focusing on components to demanding pistol shooters. Next phase will be ammunition for pistols and revolvers. Thus we will gradually grow our product portfolio. During this journey we will always have good control of the manufacturing process enabling as to deliver what we promise.

                               aberlink tc mantlar.jpg

To support we have a complete set up of manufacturing equipment and modern procedures and tools for continuous quality assurance.

All in all we have the prerequisites that only major producers have. This we will use to improve the conditions for the users of our products.​